Single of the Week: Altered Tapes “Heart of the Groove”


Single of the Week: Altered Tapes “Heart of the Groove”

Chicago-based Heat Rock Records celebrates its tenth single release with a pair of dancefloor-friendly reworks of party classics. The A-side features Altered Tapes’ percussion-heavy mix of Deee-Lite’s summer of 1990 hit “Groove is in the Heart.” Adding serious bottom-end thump, reinvented horns, and an epic breakdown for modern dancefloors, “Heart of the Groove” still retains Bootsy Collins’ instantly recognizable bassline (itself borrowed from Herbie Hancock’s “Bring Down the Birds” from the 1966 Blow Up soundtrack) and Lady Miss Kier’s pop diva vocal hook. Thirty-one years(!) a classic with countless remixes and reworks, “Groove is in the Heart” never fails to light up the party. Kudos to Altered Tapes for their own fresh take!

Altered Tapes Heart of the Groove

On the B-side, King Most flips the original samples for Chubb Rock’s 1990 b-boy classic, “Treat ‘Em Right” on “This Ain’t No Game (Go! Go! Go!).” Working “There Was a Time” by Dee Felice Trio and “Love Thang” by First Choice into a fresh diva-driven floor-filler. Quality stuff!

Preorders for the limited yellow vinyl 7-inch single start on Saturday, July 24th at 9am EST, with standard black vinyl available. Digital downloads are available only with vinyl purchase.

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