Rusty B: Melissa and Brendan’s Tabard Inn Wedding

With the weather turning over to fall here is DC, I personally feel like this is the best time for weddings. This past weekend I djed Melissa and Brendan’s wedding at the historic Tabard Inn, and the weather was just perfect, no clouds, nice breezy wind and that wonderful crisp fall air.

I met part of the family downstairs as I was setting up and they were all just super nice and I could tell the vibe was going to be a special one for this wedding.

The ceremony started without a hitch and the processional was to Michelle Featherstone’s “Man and Wife.” The ceremony was handled by a wonderful officiate whom delivered a short but sweet ceremony, which was nice since most of the guest were standing. The recessional was Livingston Taylor’s “Loving Be My New Horizon”; and as soon as that was over all the guests were enjoying cocktail hour in the green room while they prepared the red room with the buffet table.

a well-chosen mix of indie and classic rock during cocktails

The cocktail hour went nice and smooth with an interesting mix of tunes picked out by the couple, with songs like Cold War Kids “Mine is Yours” having that indie rock vibe to classic fare like James Taylor’s version of The Beatles’ “Something” rounding out the bill. Food and drink was had and everyone seemed to be in good spirits for dancing later. The staff soon had the food ready and everyone was getting into some steak sliders and a wonderful buffet meal.

Once dinner was over Melissa and Brendan shared their first dance to Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” and they had a combined parent dance to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.” Melissa had asked me to start with Brittany Spears’ “Til the World Ends,” which got the party started right. Melissa’s son Austin got out and busted some fresh moves and the floor was going well. I then dropped some Motown which was working well but the floor could have been fuller, so I played a suggestion from one of the guests: Grateful Dead’s “Shakedown Street,” and the floor quickly filled back up. We then broke a little early for the cup cakes and toasts which all went very well, Brendan even smooshed cake in Melissa’s face which to me is a sign of a great and fun relationship. After the toasts I jumped into some newer tunes and played a large section of pop music and everyone was really getting down.

dance floor diversity with Grateful Dead, LMFAO, Kings of Leon & Rhianna

The biggest hit probably being LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem,” which just slayed. The wedding party then suggested I play some slow songs, and I played a 3 song set which everyone graciously danced with their respective partners too. I then got into some of the slower hip hop which were on the must play list like Rhianna “Umbrella” and then a little new jack swing music which rounded up the night. We ended with Kings of Leon “Use Somebody,” and with that the lights came on and everyone split downstairs for the bar. All in all an awesome night was had by all.

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