New killer Breakbot single!

Paris-based Ed Banger Records‘ bearded disco-pop ingenue Thibaut Berland—aka Breakbot—has returned with a follow-up to last year’s floor-filling “Baby I’m Yours.” Those who know know exactly what I’m talking about and those who don’t know still love dancing to that killer tune with the “your wish is my command” refrain.

The new single is “Fantasy” and it mines the same rich MJ-in-his-80s-prime territory as “Baby I’m Yours” with utterly on-point production, vocals by Ruckazoid, and a happy neo-disco thump that’s working dancefloors everywhere right now.

The attendant video is a great 80s-inspired narrative as only the French can do. The premise is simple: a classroom full of art students get their minds blown by the young model that slinks into their life drawing class. One guy’s mind wanders deep into 80s Body Heat fantasy clichés until he’s shaken back to reality. Watch out for a cameo from Breakbot himself as an art student and stick around for the sly a-Ha homage at the end.

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