Meistro: Lindsay & Aaron at St. Francis Hall

Such a spectacular day at St. Francis Hall in NE DC for Lindsay and Aaron and their nearest and dearest to celebrate! The ceremony occurred earlier in the day so guests were ready to party, basically as they walked in the door.

The bride and groom orchestrated thoughtful and hilarious introductions — their parents entered the space to the Indiana Jones theme, complete with whips and hats. the “Men in Black” ushers followed them to the Will Smith tune bearing the same name.

Then I cued the Rocky theme for the bridal party, which, I might add, I never realized was such a great song. So points to the bride and groom for hipping me to it.

After a series of heartfelt speeches, first dances, and dinner, folks were itching to hit the floor, which they did with great energy all night.

The biggest and best reaction to a song I got, perhaps at any wedding I have ever DJ’d, was to Fun. – “Some Nights.” A near riot ensued.

Other hits included, my now wedding staples, Outkast – “Hey Ya, ”  and The Contours – “Do You Love Me.”

By 10:30 or so, the partywas pooped, but a nice slow dance closing set wrapped things up perfectly.

Congrats to Lindsay and Aaron!

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