Marta and Todd’s Four Seasons DC Wedding

Marta and Todd's Four Seasons DC wedding

Marta and Todd’s Four Seasons DC Wedding

My initial meeting with Todd got us off to a solid start. He’s a fan of Eighteenth Street Lounge and has broad tastes in music. He even came to check out DJ Meistro, Deep Sang and myself at ESL for Sol Power and hung out until the last record was spun. We kept in close communication after that, tweaking the plans for the big evening as it approached. When Marta finally got a chance to join us for drinks at the Four Seasons and we were all on the same page, I knew we had a great night in the making.

Marta and Todd's Four Seasons DC wedding

Little did I know how hard these folks were going to party. But we’ll get to that part later, because there was a lot of style and sentiment leading up to that point. I wasn’t involved in the church ceremony portion of the wedding, but I did get to witness some great Polish customs take place at the cocktail hour back at the hotel. I soundtracked cocktails with a combination of Todd’s Thievery Corporation requests and more complimentary downtempo artists like St. Germain and Jazzanova.

Left some breathing room between each bridal party pair so they could strut a bit

Todd gets more props for the intro picks for the bridal party. John Scofield‘s “Bump” has a great classy yet funky swagger for a group of people who are looking and feeling good. I’ll have to borrow that one for future weddings. I made sure to leave some breathing room between introducing each pair of bridal party members so they could strut a bit. Then Marta and Todd entered to Interpol‘s “Untitled”. We worked it out so that I announced them when the drums dropped, and the guitar intro worked great to build anticipation. Their first dance to John Denver‘s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” set off a singalong that foreshadowed how the latter half of the night would go.

Marta and Todd's Four Seasons DC weddingClassical music made its way into the dinner playlist by request of Marta’s dad who is a big fan of Chopin. Elegance reigned here again, with songs from Ella Fitzgerald, The Glenn Miller Orchestra, John Coltrane and Tony Bennett.

Dancing was off and running from the first riff of “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones. Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” made an early appearance and almost blew a gasket off the party, but my worries about them running out of gas too soon were unfounded, because Micheal Jackson‘s “Smooth Criminal” got them even more hyped.

Marta and Todd's Four Seasons DC wedding

They were rocking out to pretty much everything I threw at them

We paused for the cake cutting, for which I chose “I Got You (I Feel Good)” by James Brown. At this point I’m thinking how the evening will shift once the older folks depart, and I’d switch to more current pop after dropping a string of classics and some slow numbers. Wrong again. The baby boomers, the greatest generation and even some older than that weren’t planning on retiring early. They were putting in work on the dancefloor with everyone else, to Pitbull, Beastie Boys, Salt-N-Pepa, WHAM! and many more party jams from the ’80s to today’s charts. They were rocking out to pretty much everything I threw at them.

My worries about them running out of gas too soon were unfounded

By the time I ended with Queen‘s “We Are The Champions”, they were singing their hearts out like they’d just climbed a mountaintop. I had to beg off repeated requests to keep playing, as the Four Seasons’ great staff was ready to close shop. They even had to contend with our wedding being crashed by another wedding because we were going so hard. It’s all in a night’s work.

You can check out more of this fantastic Four Seasons DC wedding – including preparation and ceremony pics – via the sharpshooting lenses of Jessica Schmitt Photography. Take a peak at a few of them below and then follow this link to her blog.

Marta and Todd's Four Seasons DC wedding (courtesy of Jessica Schmitt photography)

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