Gabe is the Devil: Steely Dan Samples

Steely Dan always remind me of summers in my mothers car with the windows down, listening to AJA hanging my arm out and trying to grab grasshoppers as they jumped by. They have an undeniably warm sound, and were always creating really funky jazz-pop fusion songs that were big with musical and non-musical types alike. I ran across this project recently called Gabe is the Devil, and I really like what this guy has done. He went across a bunch of Steely Dan songs and took samples and bits and created an entire album using just those parts. Having listened to this album a couple of times, I notice bits and pieces here and there but they really did a great job of transforming these parts into whole new songs. He also created a whole web-site around the project which lists each sample in the timeline as the song is playing, which I find really neat.

Anyway, check it out, it’s free and I think you find something to get you grooving on this album. My favorite song on the album is “Queen of Spain”, with it’s smooth bass and upfront drums and tilting guitar weaving in and out of the groove, it really hits home for me.
Download the whole album here

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