Sound & Lighting Engineer Extraordinaire

DJ Associates: DylanBlue floral necktie by Bull & Moose; suit is model’s own.

Dylan was born in Washington DC and raised in Northern Virginia. He started playing guitar at age 10 and spent many formative days and nights seeing local metal and punk bands play. An art major in college, he also studied with avant garde composer Herbert Brun and sang in a Slavic vocal ensemble. Living in DC since 1998, he discovered a love of dancing at late night indie dance parties.

He enjoys repairing and riding bicycles in the city and on the many trails that the area has to offer. He is fascinated by the new tools that are available for art and music creation. He is happy to be able to apply his interests in music and technology to creating the best possible experiences for brides and grooms, and guests at weddings and myriad other events.

We are all extremely grateful for Dylan’s dedicated support and in awe of his innate ability to make us look and sound amazing.

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