DJ Mix: DJ KC “Wizard Funk”

Keytar Central AX13

DJ Mix: DJ KC “Wizard Funk”

What’s funkier than a wizard wielding a keytar and ski goggles? How about an hour of jams that slip effortlessly between disco, funk house and reggae. Featuring cuts from Ge-ologyThundercatNebraskaThe DangerFeel NewbiesUniversal Togetherness BandJun Kamoda and more. Mixed with a emphasis on varied blends, cuts and beat juggles it’s sure to hit the sweet spot for both dancers and wallflowers alike. Mixed by DJ KC of Fatback, La Boum, Art After Dark, Skrall Festival and a thousand sweaty dance floors everywhere in between.


  1. DJ Vas “Wizard Funk”
  2. Lux Experience “Street Disco”
  3. Feel Good Alliance “Teach Me (Peak Time Rework)”
  4. Forrest Sabb “One of Us feat. Forrest (Dennis Ferrer Remix)”
  5. Ge-ology “Moon Circuitry (Original Mix)”
  6. Thundercat “Oh Sheit It’s X (Original Mix)”
  7. Nebraska “Done My Best (Original Mix)”
  8. The Legendary 1979 Orchestra “Diggin It”
  9. The DangerFeel Newbies “What Am I Here For? (Original NDATL Vocal – Danny Krivit Edit)”
  10. Basic Soul Unit “Clouds”
  11. Errorsmith & Mark Fell “Cuica Digitales (Original Mix)”
  12. Marlon D, Boddhi Satva “Power Of The Drum (Marlon D’s Deep Tribal Mix )”
  13. Alkalino “Wendy Rene – After Laughter (rework)”
  14. Michael The Lion “The Don”
  15. CHA “You Gave Me Love (vs edit)”
  16. Walter Murphy/Connie Case “Get Down (Extended)”
  17. Universal Togetherness Band Real Thrill (Original Mix)”
  18. Tito Wun, Lorenzo Merluzzo, Max Cole, Ruoy Yaw “Blessed By Tambourine”
  19. Local Talk “Adesse Versions – Wash My Soul”
  20. Jun Kamoda “MSN20 A Side Physical Graffities (MC Eq1)”
  21. Simply Bad “I’d Give It All For You (V’s edit)”
  22. Udell “Won’t You Try (original 12 inch mix)”
  23. Michael The Lion “909s and Herb feat. Sammy Bananas”
  24. TENCC “Dreadlock Holiday (V’s edit)”

Enjoy this mix- even if you aren’t familiar with most of the artists, it is guaranteed to get you up out of your seat and out on to the dance floor.