Deep Sang: Diana & John’s Wedding at Meridian House

Diana & John cut the cake at Meridian HouseIt can be risky to hold an outdoor wedding in November in DC–only a week before we had gotten an early season snow–but luck was on our side and it was a beautiful late fall afternoon for an outdoor event at the Meridian House. The ceremony featured a classical guitarist, who set the perfect vibe for autumn. Family members took a turn serenading the couple on guitar and voice, which was very beautiful.

After the ceremony the guests headed into the main hallway for cocktails. Diana and John met while in the Peace Corps in west Africa, so their playlist featured a number of classic Afrobeat and African dancehall tunes. I’m a big Fela Kuti fan, so needless to say, I was happy to oblige!

A congo line breaks out near the end of the night at Diana & John's wedding
When the time came for dancing, folks were ready to go! The floor was rocking all night, but as soon as I dropped a couple of those Afro-pop joints, the place really heated up. The wedding party ran the floor from the first song to the last; which means the DJ had almost as much fun as the revelers.

It’s tough to pick a single track as the song of the night, but judging by the way they were getting down to it in this photo, I think I’d have to say it was Simon and Garfunkel’s classic “Cecilia.”

Big thanks to Diana and John for having me at the celebration and best wishes in the future!

Deep Sang gets the dancefloor going for Diana and John

Dancefloor action at Diana & John's wedding

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