April and Micah at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown

wedding1April and Micah (and a packed hall full of friends and family), rocked it properly at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown. I was happy to be a part of their big day, and provided the soundtrack to the dinner and energetic dance-floor action. It all began with the introduction and presentation of the Newly-Weds by Micah’s brother. Being a seasoned NYC actor and entertainer, the groom’s brother easily worked the mic whilst I moved into the first dance.

Soon after, the couple proceeded to their table, and guests began their meal. I tried to keep the ambiance going with a mix of classic and modern tunes like The Lumineers “Ho Hey”, Al Green “Let’s Stay Together”, Adele “Lovesong”. Next up came the excellent speeches… and also some Broadway singing. Did I mention that the groom’s brother was an actor? I meant actor/musical production star extraordinaire; there we go. Once the exceptionally refined-looking plates were consumed, it was clear that people were ready to party. Even during the last few dinner songs, a few of the guests were populating the dance floor. After the mother daughter dance, and the father son dance, well, wait… let’s stop here for a second because I want to make a point to say that, no joke, these dances were some of the best that I’ve seen at weddings. I mean the skills were all there. Where did you all learn how to dance like that for a whole song?! Seriously.

wedding2After the busting of moves with the rents, I took my cue to start moving into some livelier tunes that still held onto elements of the dinner vibe. Songs such as Carl Carlton “Signed Sealed Delivered”, and The Rolling Stones “Hot Stuff”, built the energy up. As the floor filled, I started mixing in some more variety, like Tom Tom Club, Beyonce, and Run DMC.

By the time Micah’s brother approached me to drop the Horah on the crowd, people were really letting loose. After that, I moved into quality by the likes of Madonna, Rihanna, Outkast and Robyn. Somehow, I also rocked Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit” into Whitney Houston “How Will I Know”, and it sounded good. It must have been the magic of the night. At what I’d have to dub the climax of the evening, a family friend grabbed the mic to sing along to Salt-N-Pepa “Shoop.” Classic.

Thanks for including me guys, it was seriously fantastic!


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