In 1993 DJ Atticus dedicated his life to playing underground dance music and hasn’t looked back since. He started with BreakBeats and then Ragga Jungle. Over the years he moved through to House, Hip-Hop, and Funk. Never being satisfied just blending records DJ Atticus learned to incorporate scratches and juggles into his sets. Also, he worked to break away from homogeneous blocks of the same beat by blending genres.
DJ Atticus is a mix master of all things banging. Heavy on the bass and riding on the rhythm with sick scratches DJ Atticus’ sets leave masses in a sweaty heap. Nothing is left off the table: DubStep, Electro, Hip-Hop and much more are packed into epic mixes.

DJ Atticus has shared the stage with Jesse Tittsworth, Faust & Shortee, All Good Funk Alliance, Spark Arrester and Souls of Mischief, just to name a few.

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How often do you get on the mic?
When announcing events and depending on the energy level to hype the crowd a bit. If it’s a low key wedding I won’t start screaming into the mic, “Everybody scream for the new bride and groom!”

How long have you been DJing?
Since 1993.

How long have you been DJing weddings?
Since 2002.

What are some of your all time favorite wedding songs?
David Bowie – “Let’s Dance”
Michael Jackson – “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”
Enur feat. Natasja – “Calabria 2006”
Pitbull – “The Anthem”
Elvis Crespo – “Luna LLena”
El Gran Combo -“Me Libere”

What kind of music do you DJ when you’re not at a wedding?
Moombahton/Dutch House/Baltimore Breaks/Dubstep

What is your philosophy on weddings?
I do a wedding just about every weekend but for the couple it’s a once in a lifetime event. It’s important keep this in mind with each and every wedding. My job is not just to play music but to communicate with the venue, caterer, and photographer to ensure everybody is on the same page before events are announced. It’s important to me that the newly weds enjoy the reception. All to often I see couples not have time to eat dinner or enjoy their night because they are running their own wedding. I consider it part of my duties to take some of the burden off the couple so they can enjoy and celebrate their special day.

What size wedding do you prefer to DJ?
I dont have a preference in size. Each event is unique and size can really set the tone. Small weddings are often, but not always, intimate and relaxed. Large weddings can be epic and high energy. I enjoy both and tailor what I do to accommodate each events specific personality.

What do you do to motivate the crowd if no one is dancing?
I am still an active club DJ and when appropriate bring those dance floor sensibilities to the reception. My talents are more relevant for dance oriented crowds who like Funk, Disco, Classic Hip Hop, Dance Hall and Pop. I also love Latin music really enjoy playing Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia as well as DC’s own Moombahton.

What training have you received?
When I started DJing in 1993 I was the only DJ I knew so aside from a quick lesson in beat matching house music from a distant relative I was on my own. Since then I have learned much of what I know from experience and talking with other DJs. Even today I love talking shop with other DJs because I know there is always more to learn.

What problems have you encountered at a wedding and how have you solved it?
I DJ off of a laptop using Serato and 2 time coded CDs that I play in CDJ MK3 1000s. I maintenance my computer regularly as to maintain top performance. But even with that said I always burn back up discs for each event. One time I neglected to shut down a program that was using a lot of the processors power. I noticed a few glitches switched to CDs shut down the program, rebooted and continued to rock the party with out missing a beat. Similarly at another event a rowdy audience member fell onto my setup and knocked my laptop to the ground physically damaging the hard drive. I pulled out my back up CDs and finished the party with no further issues.

Who are your preferred DJ gear Manufacturers?
Rane TTM57 and Pioneer CDJ1000 MK3
The Rane mixer is superior for DJs that scratch and also allows me to control effects. I still enjoy playing on Technic Turntables from time to time as they are more accurate for scratching but CDJs from venue to venue tend to be much more reliable

What are your favorite record labels?
Dub Police, Trouble & Bass, T & A Records, Play Me, Heavy Artillery Recording, Good Groove, Funk Weapons and Trojan Records

what are some of your preferred clothing labels?
The only clothing line I ever wear religiously is Adidas. I’m not big on fashion: jeans, t-shirts, plaid button up shirts and polo shirts.

What are your favorite DC nightspots?
U Street Music Hall and Car Pool (Reston)

What is the best DJ moment of your career (so far)?
This past summer my crew Grime Syndicate opened for Reid Speed twice in one week. One show was in Blacksburg, VA and the second was at U Street Music Hall in DC. Getting to know one of my favorite DJs and playing two of the most packed and epic shows of my life in my two favorite places to play was life changing. We received so many props from the crowds and from Reid Speed herself. The whole experience ushered my career into a new level and gave me a new perspective on whats possible for my future.

What is your favorite live show(s) (strictly as a member of the audience)?
I saw DJ CRAZE at The Edge in the early 2000s. He had started playing Drum and Bass and being the DMC champion of the world several times over, his sets were technically spectacular and far from just fading two tracks. I had never before and never since seen a DJ performance so intricate, creative and perfect. Every juggle and scratch was flawless but dance floor friendly as well. I was able to get a spot to watch from behind the DJ booth and didn’t move from the time he started till the end of his set.

What are some of your favorite restaurants?
Honey Pig Gooldaegee Korean Grill, Kalypsos Taverner Lake Ann and Car Pool (Reston)

What are your five desert island discs?
Bad Brains “Banned In DC,” Otis Redding “Essentials,” Slayer “Seasons In The Abyss,” Trojan Records “Box Set,” Greatest Cumbia Classics of Colombia “Vol. 1.”

What’s your dream DJ gig?
My dream DJ gig would be somewhat small with around 200 people. Nobody is there to be seen or have there picture taken and everybody is there to dance to bass heavy rhythmic music.

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