About DJ D-Mac

DJ, site designer/editor, gearhead
Based in the nation’s capital since 2000, DJ D-Mac has been burning up dancefloors everywhere he goes. Spiritually akin to the anything-goes-as-long-as-it-is-funky approach of turntable heroes The Avalanches, balaeric-era Chemical Brothers, Dynamo Productions, Coldcut, DJ Food, & Cut Chemist among others, D-Mac brings an eclectic, party-rocking mix of tunes to his DJ sets. Obsessive crate-digging is always on display, and genres meet in unexpected ways. Get ready for dancefloor excitement as Marvin Gaye sidles up to Daft Punk while Lady Gaga and Nirvana get comfortable together and Cut Copy waits in the wings to twirl around Sade.
Yeah, it is kinda like that.

D-Mac started bringing this fresh approach to weddings in 2004, performing at just a few events by word-of-mouth referrals. But demand for his services grew and D-Mac very soon became the official antidote to the cringe-inducing ‘wedding DJs,’ the guys who rock the mic from start to end and can’t blend two records together. Or worse, the flashy dudes who are more concerned with collecting industry accolades (and your check!) than really paying attention to your needs and a crafting an event that reflects you. And with his equally talented and passionate crew of Associate DJs, we’re ready to turn your event into a night to remember!

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